Saturday, 23 August 2008

Hey just finished this watercolour....i was just experimenting with ways of stylising the jungle...i was watching Azur and Asmar and was trying to give an impression of intense detail in the same way michel oscelots work has a vibrancy and detail. i still need to look at colour and I think the whole thing could be flatter. I was aiming to give the feel of the layouts the texture of a patchwork or tapestry ( which i think cud be played with a lot more than here) I studied images from garuda and it is possible to get the same feel in watercolour. I think if the layouts are going to be more stylised and more two dimensional then oils would give the texture and vibrancy of colour needed over watercolour....watercolour, no matter how strong the colours will always have a 'wishwashy' feel. ( by the way thats a technical term!) im not sure what you think? oviously this is the layouts themselves wud have alot less detail, which is important because if you were to animate on this .....youd have no chance of seeing anything! comment away!

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Hey guys, just a couple of ideas for the villagers. I think they're probaly wearing to much on their upper body at the moment. I'm guessing more of an emphasis on a dress perhaps? and more of the upper body showing through? mike

Friday, 11 July 2008

new post

Hello guys,

Sorry I havent posted yet but I've been on holiday in the states for a while. I like the idea about flashbacks of the lion, but does he need to die in that scene? I like the character designs so far but I don't like the lions face. I think i'd perhaps like to see the lion looking a little more aggresive and perhaps a little bigger so that the auience can see that he is not just cute and tame. I like Dans design but I think the main could be smaller. Heres a design for lion, where i have mainly focused on him looking agressive and his main. He could do with being more stylized but its just an idea at da mo.
Mike G.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Inspired by..

Totally inspired from Dan's post, whipped this pic up in about 10 minutes so excuse the sloppy colouring and lines~

So! Loved the colour and general shape of the mane in Dan's post- though whenever I draw the lion I tend to make him fat and pointy eheh

But yeah! More designs are always welcome for all the characters, though for the lion specifically needs a decent face and perhaps and idea of what he'd look like from the front.. cos I have no idea D:

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Character design progress

Hey all! just fancied posting a lion the moment I've been working on mainly character designs...i'm working on the layouts in my head!! honest.. i agree about Garuda! was amazing for layout...i quite like the way the leaves were layered and i've been thinking about maybe rich watercolours as a foundation. Just an idea...but what does anyone think to having the shape/ motif of the mane reoccur in the layout...with trees etc reflecting the shape....i just thought it could lead to some strong visuals? :)

Sunday, 22 June 2008


So Annecy! Animation was good (and some was painful) but some of them we'd like to use as reference (we hope~)

okioki the little Gobelins segments before each film were good stuff! I think My favs were 'Garuda' and 'Wild Casting'...

'Garuda' stylistically is something we'd like to go for- obviously, input from everyone is valued on this subject!
And Wild Casting.. well.. it has a lion in it!

Thoughts? Other References? let me know~

Monday, 26 May 2008

Hay Guys

Hey all, Jus thought I'd put up some handy anatomy~

Yay Lion insides!
I have rediculous amounts of this stuff.